Somerset Meats is a locally owned business which has been in operation since 1999. In this time we have built our reputable brand on quality. Not only do we take great pride in the quality of our meat product but quality of our service is just as much a priority.

Somerset Meats started its climb to the top from a small shop in Waratah employing just 3 people and only having a small local customer base. But through hard work and a focus on quality, Somerset Meats has now become one of the largest meat wholesalers in the region. With over 150 customers, Somerset is continuing to grow and now employs over 15 staff and has upgraded the small shop at Waratah to a large scale warehouse operation in Sandgate.

Somerset Meats offers a diverse range of products with our goal being customer satisfaction from our quality meat in unison with our service exceeding expectation. Our fleet of 7 vans all meet the NSW Food Regulation’s health criteria so you know your meat will be kept at an optimal temperature during transport to your premises.

The world has vastly changed since the emergence of Covid-19 and business's must evolve in the current landscape to survive. Being a wholesaler with over 150 customers in the hospitality sector meant that our business basically ceased overnight when the restrictions came into force.  Instead of being a victim and blaming everyone we tried to come up with another way to service the community.  So what better way than to give people the wholesale experience from home! Now we are able to share our product with everyone in the community and you don't have to be the head chef of Noahs to enjoy our products, you can create your own fantastic dining experience from your very own kitchen. Delivered to your door you don't even have to leave your house!!! It's that simple.

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